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The face of bipolar, is the same as any other face. Often you see a person and have no clue what they are dealing with. What they have experienced, or how they feel at that moment. Outward appearance, has become all the rage on social media. Putting up a wall between reality and perception. Bi-Polar, is a wall between living and being alive. For me I am mostly manic. I do my best to wake up everyday if I even sleep. Take a shower, brush my hair get dressed. Then I sit down at my computer. Read emails, search the web for the next opportunity. But the reality is. I am to out of it most the time to really get anywhere. Life sucks. How bad? Well lets just say living with bipolar is a life sentence. You get used to the ups and downs. You try to learn the triggers to episodes. But you never actually get comfortable with yourself. I mean you cant. As soon as you feel normal and your life is somewhat normal. BAM, like hitting a wall in the middle of the road it hits you. Often hard. With very little you can actually do about it. For me photography and creative editing of my photos. Gives me a sense of normalcy and something better to focus on. Currently, I am under a huge stress load and well my mania has me over the top. I am fighting so very hard to survive. Most will never know how hard, and many will never understand it. Right now I need a huge opportunity to go be free. To travel with my camera and computers. To capture the world as I see it and translate my emotions. But my bipolar has kept me out of the work force for many years now. So having the resources to travel are not there. So I am reaching out. Hoping to raise the funds to find my peace. As well share my story and struggles with bipolar. So that others like me, can find hope to fight along side of me. Would you take a moment and support my dream of peace today?



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  1. Join 2nd Shot Photography and Creative Visionary Philip A Swiderski Jr. during #mentalhealthmonth to step out of the dark and into the light about the importance of accepting those with mental health issues. Help support our vision that will enable those with limited resources to find a creative outlet to both improve themselves as well as learn how to live in the light. You can visit our vision here http://2ndshot.photos/the-vision-2/

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