What is a self portrait?

pasjrwoctx/ April 26, 2017/ 2nd Shot Photography/ 0 comments

What is a self portrait? One could say it is a reflection of ones self. Some may say it is a depiction of an individual. It can be painted, sculpted, written or photographed. To what
a self portrait really is, the answer often is hidden deep within the one in the portrait. Simple or complex, quick and spur the moment or well planed out composition. The self portrait is always the same. It is capturing the essence of ones self.

Lack of models, clients or anyone else to shoot or shoot with. My self portraits, have become self reflection motivation and tools to learn.

This photo in so many ways I am in love with, yet also I hate for the representation that is my existence. As the light is bright, highlighting my face and upper torso. Allowing my vision, my passion, my desires to be shared and seen by others. The darkness around myself well that is the very emptiness and darkness that fills most of my life. Void of others void of life.

Photo composition was simple, I used the iLED-MS Micr5oSpot light from iKAN with the diffusion gel in place and was at full power 69” high angeled down on me I was about 48” from the light. The camera was OM-D E-M5 using the M.Zuiko Digital 25mm f/1.8 @ f/1.8 1/60s ISO500 25mm the camera was placed 5” center of light stand to center of lens and around 15” lower than the light center of lens to center of light. Raw file was processed using Rawtherapee with 3 different profiles custom created for this photo. Saved as .tiff file, Then all 3 where opened in Gimp where I layered and made use of grain merge, and embossing. Saved as tiff again, then opened in digikam applied lens correction, and a basic unsharp sharpen mask cropped saved as png. Then added water mark for websharing ect.

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