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Not many fit into my box, as I already know and very well accept I may not fit in theirs.

I am guarded, had a very hard life. Very few people that I have ever been able to trust. I do my best to be open minded and trusting to a point. Until I can trust or not. People have questions, sometimes I have answers. Often I reserve the complete answers, and at times they are never needed for what ever reason. My life has allowed me to be creative. The past few years allowed me to enjoy my passion. Now I am working at making my passion work for me so I can provide a nice little life for myself. Most people in todays world, are not open to a single man that is almost 40. Open to allowing, supporting and joining him in doing what he loves. The world is flawed. I am a conservative republican Christian white male. That feels every man should have the freedom to love who he or she wants. To live as they see fit. We should help our brothers and sisters in their journey, but not build a road they will never use. My views often confuse people, but they are views that if everyone shared them. Would allow true growth and harmony among all people. Maintaining balance. Most of my current photographs are a reflection of my environment. But given the chance, I would capture the world telling stories of how people really can live equal and happy. Dreams, I never grow up. My dreams are at time childish, as reality sadly says that they wont happen. Faith tells me, I may be long gone form this planet. But my dreams will come true. Until then I want to shoot everyday, process and share every night and hope my work sells enough to keep the cycle going. If luck has it, then I will profit too.

Simple, meet get along, share our lives. If not, hopefully we had a great time but for a moment and move on.

Is it possible in a world full of labels, ideas and so called normalcy, for one man to have someone to love him unconditionally to be catered, spoiled, and loved? I am seeking a strong compassionate person that would be happy to have me in their life. A person that from day one, could see a forever with me. A person that would do their best, to take my worries away. A person that I could not wait to see at the end of the day. A person that never let me go to bed hungry in any sense of the word. A person that every moment apart I would yearn for. I am a man that is not made for family life, and have zero interest in that changing. As well I currently do not drive. We both have desires and would take interest in sharing together. A mutual path, where we will explore life together.

I just want to live naked, barefoot and free to be creative with my camera all the time.

You can hide the light, or let it shine and be its fuel….. As to meeting men like me, society tends to keep us in the woods. The rest of the world is afraid our insanity will inspire rational thinking in others. Id be happy to meet someone that could value me for who I am. That would foster my growth, love me tenderly. Provide the nurturing environment for me to develop my passion, my vision and my life. Of course, I would not be blind to the one that did so. Gifts, we often think we need to buy them. Some people save money or feel if they make them they are from the heart. No. Gifts are when someone is selfless. Dose for another with no expatiation for return. Often those that give in that manner receive twice in return. If someone gave me the world. I would do my best to show I am grateful. And if that world they gave me, allowed even more for me. I would take the one who gave it to me. To make sure they where with me to enjoy it.

As I am sure I could get into the mechanics of possibility, I think somethings are better left to explore or imagine.

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