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pasjrwoctx/ March 26, 2017/ 2nd Shot Photography/ 0 comments

Recently I was searching for ways to change up my photography game. We all get into groves of how we shoot and process. I found myself in one that even though I really enjoyed the outcome, I wanted something new. As I have been shooting since a kid, there is not much I have not already tried before. So it was more of a change the camera settings game. As I already shoot raw and in full manual mode. Not much more to do right? Wrong. I set out to find new tricks to the OM-D E-M5 and found that instead of shooting in monochrome, which I always had. It just helped me adjust better for sharpness and lighting. I found shooting in vivid mode leads to faster auto focus, as well changing my focus point from one tiny one to a small cluster added something else. Of course you still have to watch, or the camera may try and focus differently than you want. Then I had always shot at an ISO of 1600 this weekend I dropped down to ISO100. Of course this changes your exposer time, but I am going with it for now. Then I found I actually like my results better by shutting off IS on my OMD. Then of course we have the whole raw processing process. Which I also took the plunge to change a bit of how I do that. The fact I shake like a tree in the wind, and I am shooting at 300mm handheld. I really like what has come out with these changes. The vague softness and motion blur coupled with the darker surroundings seem to make the photos much more life like. Never be afraid to change your game, just simple little changes in your photography every now and then can really reignite your creative fuel.
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