Hello World

pasjrwoctx/ January 2, 2017/ #woctxphotog Our Photographs/ 0 comments

Hello world, tonight I’d like to say fuck you. Fuck your best wishes for a new year. You know why? Simple. Day in Day out, you deny me the chance to be. You see my work, you see my words. You pass me by thinking either why help him, or someone else is. Fuck you, fuck your shit. Take your likes and unlike. I dont need fake people liking me. Take one last look, because the time will come. You will wish you joined me, you helped me, you worked with me. When that day comes, I will have too many to work with to even notice you in the room. My passion drives me forward, and I refuse your negative refusal of acknowledging my talent. Good Night You Sorry Fucks, and Good Bye.

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