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pasjrwoctx/ December 8, 2016/ #woctxphotog Our Photographs/ 0 comments

#woctxphotog, Art & Photography by PasjrWoctx has split and created a professional branch
2nd Shot Photography. #woctxphotog is the main parent company and will always be there to bring you creative photography and art. While 2nd Shot Photography is going to focus on offering professional services in the photography realm. Both branches are under the direction of our creative visionary
Philip A. Swiderski Jr, and going forward we look forward to fulfilling all of your creative photography needs.
Feel free to refer to us still as #woctxphotog as we move forward. 2017 is right around the corner and there are great things in store for us. Wish us well in this new venture. As always your support will only further the growth of the vision as laid out by #woctxphotog. Happy Holidays and Wishing You A Successful New year.

If you enjoy our work, we would love for you to support our continuing efforts.

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