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pasjrwoctx/ March 26, 2016/ My Blog

I turned 38 this month, and I am seeking better opportunities. To be around like minded people and the chance to explore my, artistic freedom, and the pursuit of happiness. Abstract life is best lived in the now. Not delayed and not always planed out. Taking the path that often chose us, instead of us seeking out the path to take. Order is important, and without it there is chaos, and wasteful progress. Without meaning the heart is just a muscle that insures the flow of blood. Such as life, without meaning you can not flow through life. Rather you sink into the abyss of darkness. What I am seeking is that one person that understands my heart, finds my mind obtrusively intriguing. A person that will foster my creativeness and humble my exuberant triumphs. Where can one find such an individual that fits into a specially crafted box, yet has the power to break free from conformity? For all the dreams in the world, and the universe as our canvas. Will walk, paint, sculpt and capture all there is too in our life side by side with me?

Yes I am just looking at this moment. However if the right situation was to present it’s self. I would be very open to entertaining the opportunity. What I am seeking may never present it’s self, but I feel I owe it to myself to seek it out. I am on SSDI currently and no I do not drive. I am single male and straight. Yes if I met the right woman I would be happy to fall in love. No I am not very open to trading my body for rent. Yes I may be open to exchanging my talents in lieu of rent, providing it does not absorb all of my time or prohibiting my efforts in building my own vision. If you want to get a little better feel for me and my talent visit my website

Id love to move to anyplace that will allow me to be creative and grow, currently I live in the Dallas Texas area. But maybe with the right help and opportunity I could move.

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