As the water flows

pasjrwoctx/ February 23, 2016/ Short Stories/ 0 comments

As the water flows, down stream. The woods grow dense and dark. Home to birds and squirrels, rabbits and snakes. The over growth has taken over paths once walked. Trees so crowded they compete for sun and soil. Only the banks of the stream have room for weeds, grass and little plants to live. Stripped of peace, removed from society. Left in a world uninhabitable where no man can survive. Legend has it an old bearded man, that knows no love. Lives deep withing the woods, down the stream. Far from the road and the world, held up in a tiny cabin. Where day in and day out, the old man sits. For time has made him bitter, wise beyond his years. But no person dares to find him. For it has been said, he who knocks on his door never leaves the woods the same.

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The photos you just viewed where taken with Olympus OM-D E-M5 and the Lensbaby Composer Focus Front lens.

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