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Raw Processing is the modern day negative photo development.  Today I use #RawTherapee for my raw processing, in a world full of competitors.  Staying on top of your creative game is key.  As the days of simple shoot and develop are over.  Clients are seeking photographic artists that push the norms, and have a much more creative approach.  Often creating profiles, that inspire while enhancing the image or scene.  #woctxphotog, is currently working on building profiles for use in rawtherapee.  We obtained the following image to show some of what we are working on.  Currently there is one profile for this image.  But check back often as we may add more.


“Candelaria on the island of Tenerife”, credit for original photo belongs to www.digicrea.be

This is a photo I got permission to process the raw as I saw fit, and repost my version hope you enjoy it.
Title and Original Creator “Candelaria on the island of Tenerife” www.digicrea.be




If you enjoy the photo and would like any of the processing profiles, you can obtain it by clicking the image.  The profile is $1.50 for a limited time.  Payments are secure with paypal and after payment will start in blank page.  Currently you would need to click and pay for each profile.  If demand shows up for the set as it becomes complete, we will offer a package deal.  However that will be down the road.




*All Sales Are Final, Downloads Are Subject To Payments First.

The Functionality Of Downloads Is Not Guaranteed by #woctxphotog, Art & Photography by PasjrWoctx.

Profile was created using Rawtherapee and is a pp3 file.



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