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pasjrwoctx/ January 25, 2015/ My Blog

Photography is a great way to express yourself, share the world as you see it and fill your time creatively.  I am just going to quickly share some tools to process your images.  First if your using a camera that is able to shoot in raw, I suggest you do so.  As the tools I am going to direct you to can do amazing things for your photography.  I will get into file types in another blog later on.  Today I am sharing what I have used for years.


First I only use Linux OS and the Distro is Kubuntu now you should use what ever OS you feel most comfortable with.  Yes I love linux and feel that it is far more powerful and customizable than Mac or Win.  But it requires the desire to learn and ability to adjust to the difference. 

The following software is all opensource meaning It is free.  It is powerful, and feature rich as well each one has great support forums should you ever need them.  As well they work on all OS platforms.

To start I import all my raw files using DigiKam, there are others but I like this one the best.  Along with just importing digikam has a really fun and good raw, png, jpg file processing set of tools.

Then to actually process my raw files into the images we want to see I use Rawtherapee for powerful image processing and full control of all aspects of your image it is one of the best out there.  As well with in a day you will be able to use it with ease.

Then to finish, do creative editing and watermarks.  Along with countless other things, I use and love Gimp. Never has there been a better or more comprehensive  set of tools for creative people.  Not only is it great for beginners but it also grows as your skills grow, so from beginner to pro Gimp has you covered.

As there is so much info on the web about these tools, going into details at this time seems redundant.  However I am leaving this post open to comments, so as questions and comments come in.  I will answer and prepare a more advanced guide on how to use all this great software.

Until Then Stay Creative


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