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Is Offering For A Limited Time

Intro To Photography

The new year is upon us, and you have finally gotten that camera you always wanted.

The problem is you really do not know how to use it. Well #woctxphotog is offering you one on one instruction. We will go over all the settings, and understanding of how to operate the camera. We will go over auto verse manual and the basics of different lens. We will spend time working on being creative when it comes to composing your shot. The basics of the rule of thirds and introduce you to post processing. Be advised this is a before your a beginner class.

I myself have had a camera in my hand since I was a little boy. I have self taught my self over the years. Often looking for the perfect guide. Guess what there is not one. Lots of cool and valuable info. But when it comes to learning how to start, it is nice to have someone to learn, ask questions and try things with. I am open to small groups, but ideally it would be one on one to insure when you part ways with me. You have the confidence you want to capture the world with style.

I am offering this service as a one day class, how ever included in the cost I am open to schedule you up to 3 days. As well you will have my contact info for any future needs. The cost for this is $175.00 per person. There may be a group discount for groups no larger than 5 people. Let us know at time of inquiry if you are planing on being a single class or group.

At this current time, our photog is temporally with out transportation. As a result, you will either need to plan on at least week before your class. Or for a discount, you can pick up our photog to go shoot at your ideal location. Other wise, you would meet up at our location in Scurry TX and decide on weather to shoot on location. Or go into Kauffman. If such is decided the photog will help cover gas to and from. The fee for the class is due upfront at time of scheduling and will be paid via paypal, you can use any credit card you like that way.

Class Size

After You Place Your Order, Contact Us With Your PayPal Transaction Number So We Can Get You Set Up.

As well if you have questions before hand just let us know.

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Intro To Photography

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