Locked In The Bathroom.

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For all the years of yelling, stress and aggravation. I stood confused unable to understand the meaning behind the hate and pain. As a young child after all life was supposed to be happy and loving. Or so that is what I had thought.

It started way before my time, however for me the story really started coming together one day after school. Mom was normally home cooking dinner, not unlike most mothers in the neighborhood. For some reason though my mom lacked something. At the time I had no clue.

The day was early spring and the Michigan air was still cool. The house was dark and seemed to have a sad feeling as I approached it. The doors are locked, thats strange the house is never locked. Running around the house I struggle to get in. Wait a minuet, my window. My window is open as I used it to sneak out the night before to see the stars. Yep my window was still open, yes I am in. Yelling MOMMY I am home. I heard nothing, I smell no dinner cooking. The house is cold and dark. I find my way to my dads office, daddy no daddy hes not working at home today. Maybe moms in the bathroom. I sneak into her room, as kids that room was forbidden. The bedroom door was open. No mom to be seen. I quietly go to her bathroom, funny its all dark and the door is locked. I yell again MOMMY I am home. Nothing. I bang on the door and nothing. Ok something is not right. Mom never ignores her little boy. I bang on the door again and franticly yelling mommy let me in. Finally I hear a faint voice. Go away, I am not well. Mommy whats wrong? GO AWAY she yelled this time.

As a boy I loved to tinker and take things apart. So here was the “right” time to break something. Daddy hung the door with the hinges on the outside. So one by one I slowly and carefully popped them out. Then I pushed the door in. What came next would set the tone for the rest of my life.

The lights are off, and sitting in the corner by the commode. My mother naked, shivering and wailing uncontrollably. At first she did not even notice I had removed the door and was standing there. Then with out notice. She leaped to her feet and gave chase to me with great anger. I ran of course. Her yelling and screaming you little bastard I will kill you. She grabbed a baseball bat and started swinging. Naked, mad and trying to kill me. What the hell did I do I screamed? You stopped me thats what. Stopped you from what I wondered. Then with out reason she fell to the floor, and unresponsive. I was terrified and instantly called 911. What happened next was horrible.

As a little boy who’s whole world was his mother. Had just been shattered.



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