Father lost to son

pasjrwoctx/ October 25, 2014/ Short Stories/ 0 comments

Distance and time can not remove the fact that father and son, have a unique bond. It has been many years, many tears. To say hello is not the way. Where to go what to say? So many feeling have gotten in the way.

As a boy you where a superman, as that boy grew up. You both grew apart.

Losing time distance tearing us apart. Adult hood came like a thief in the night. Stealing the once coveted love of father and son.

Lost by the years and words that one hears. Confused and abused, with no where to choose.

Forced alone lost and cold. A fathers son so desperately wants to come home.

Backs turned names forgotten. A son’s love has been discarded.

To the world a son becomes a man. Strong as steel, cold as ice the sons heart is dead as night.

Deep within, the empty space a fathers son……

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