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“Hands” There are many pairs, singles, halves and mangled. Hands, that create, hands that heal, hands that play, hands that take. Hands that help, and hands that wave. Holding hands, says so very much. Weather your holding the one’s you love, a friend in need or your own. Hands strong enough to break, smash and crush, have two sides. Hands can be soft and loving, pull someone to safety. Greatness comes from hands battered from years of use and experience. These are my hands, toughened from years of hard work, moments of tender care,
creative times and destructive times.


Time it changes life, it moves forward it runs out. Never standing still, never allowing a moment to savor. As time moves us forward, we try to hold on to what we have. Fearing the change that is about to come. At times excited for the experiences we are about to have. My life has left me wishing for more time, while wishing time could just stand still.

36 years, 3 states, 12 cities countless people. Time has blessed and cursed me. More times than not leaving me crying that I am lost or about to lose. So very grateful for the good, holding onto it till my time is up.

I yearn for acceptance, understanding, and a permanent place in time. Losing yet again to a clock that is ticking by. Life is going going and taking me from my safety. Facing the change, alone facing the change with no direction. Knowing that time keeps moving.

For one moment I yearn to stand still. To have peace and forever. To experience love that time can not take away.


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Art & Photography by PasjrWoctx
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