Photography, not art. Photography the art of remembering….

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Lifeless and drifting on the sea of the universe. Facing the darkness of a lonely existence. Losing direction, to the reality of failure. Hopeless life drains from my veins as water draining from an old bath. Taking with it the aspirations of greatness of hope and vision. Leaving one with nothing, not even a breath.

Focused on the road ahead, remembering the bumps and curves far behind. Passion lost in talent not seen. My heart sinks, my eyes water. Dreams turning into nightmares. Screaming and crying go unheard.

Drifting off beyond all help, my only wish is too end. End the pain, end the fear end the loss of failure. To recover as if to be at the beginning of all time. To see the first sun to enjoy the first fruit. To experience the first wave. Too be the one to create the first flame.

The start of all that is great, giving life the amazing twist. Bringing to sight, too share with all. Creating a vision that brings wonder and love.

Loving my passion, sharing my passion. Showing my passion through a series of bursts of light and color. Capturing the very moment in which life becomes one with all around.

Photography, not art. Photography the art of remembering….



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