Throbbing, Rage, and Passion

pasjrwoctx/ April 26, 2014/ Short Stories/ 0 comments

Systematically drifting, seeking release from the average. Grasping for air, to be refreshed. Wondering where the waves of of hope and life may take me. Left to my own imagination. Seeing my self naked, being pleased in may ways. Yet to be conceived is how this can happen. As stuck where I am, without hope to go forward in this venture. Waiting to hear if your ready to take me to a land of pure enjoyment. Allowing me to be free and relaxed. Enjoying every turn of the clock. Watching the grass as the wind blows gently, my naked body. Moves slowly, up and down. With every touch, with every breath closer to climax you bring me. Stopping long enough to prolonging the eruption. Building up, the fluids, the release. At that special moment you bear down on my body, burring deep inside you my throbbing manhood. You nibble my ear, and exploding powers. We make passionate love. Leaving where we lay covered in passion and sweat.

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