Will you judge me?

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Posters Post:- “If I tell you that I’m destitute; If I’m homeless, living in and out of my vehicle, occasionally staying with someone willing to help; If I sleep in my vehicle on an abandoned road with my trunk lid up, so I can gaze at the stars (my backseat lays over, so I lay in my clean trunk, with my blankly and pillow); If I brought a favorite blankly to keep me feeling comforted when I miss what used to be a place where I felt safe; If I miss my marriage with a man that once made me feel secure and safe; If I depend on Starbucks for internet service; If I wash windshields to make a few bucks, so I can eat; Or if I haven’t found a job yet due to my lack of missing 5 years of work when I was married; If I act like I’m a hotel guest and watch TV in the lobby; If I hide under gas station onyngs in order to protect my car from a hail storm; If I provide companionship for a donation to keep my car/insurance going, so I at least have a place to sleep; If I have a intelligent conversation with a complete stranger at IHOP late at night, pretending I’m traveling on business; If I drive aimlessly, staring at the beauty this earth has to offer, because I have nothing but time on my hands; If I feel alone and sorry for myself when I see families laughing and having a good time… Hmmmm… When I looked back at all I wrote, it has me thinking… Is my life all that bad?? No, it could be much worse. Honestly, I’m probably blessed just to be alive! 🙂 This is for all those who feel despair and hopeless. Keep going and see the good out of what may seem so bad. :-)”

Me:- Greatness comes from desperation. Only when we are beat down, farther than we could ever imagine. Do we see the light with in our selves. Leading to building a life that will show the best of who we truly are. Time to travel, find out what you are good at. Write about it, and before you know it. Your back seat becomes the worlds front seat to your success.

Poster:- I think you’re right about that. 🙂

Me:- I currently am well just one step sideways from you. I am without transportation. I do have a roof, but it really dampens my ability to move forward. In my life, as it has been well just that life. I am working on building my dream. Only after great failure, I did I have the chance to return to what matters most in life. Well anyways, judgment is a dish better left uncooked than served. As we all experience life never understanding exactly what tomorrow will hold or what our words today will mean to someone else.

Poster:- Having transpiration makes it a lot easier, so I can make the best out of my life.

Me:- Than you already are well on your way:) What you need now is direction. What direction do you want to go? Perhaps a photo a a brief story about you. Published every where possible. Alerting the world Your On Your Way, So move over failure.

Poster:- I do love to write for sure. 🙂

Me:- Start tonight, right now. Put together your story. When your ready, let me know. I can take some photos for you, and we can publish your book for amazon Kindle really very easy. Then announce it to the world. Well you wait for that to take off, you start on the next adventure in life. O by the way, you can see some of my work and writing here. https://woctxphotog.com

Poster:- Hmm… I guess I have nothing but time to do that, so… Great idea!

Me:- Judgment is what you employ to achieve a goal. As I can not really offer resources to live. I can offer friendship, and guidance if so required. Life is a journey, one that many take alone. Yet when we reflect upon how far we have come. We find we really never have been alone. Somehow some way, at the right time we always run into the right person. Judge me for what I am doing, not have done or will do. Pay attention to the now, correct the path. To insure positive outcomes. As yesterday is history and tomorrow has yet to be written, judgment is not relevant in this time. By know you have the keys, I expect you to find the doors. Open them wisely and enter them with great wisdom. Understanding that with every open door comes a new introduction. Presenting the opportunity to be new and respected for who you are. By the way can I ask your first name? Mine is Phil


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