Sector 777A UpDate

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Left upon the desperation of a hellish life. Struggling to reach something to hold onto. Beyond the point of actually returning to a normal life. Join the fight and destroy those that are taking our freedoms one by one.

The war has already begun, as no bombs have fallen. Many have been shot, or captured in their fight for freedom. Removed from life for standing upon the very core of our once great nation.

Leading a small resistance, I have seen many things in this battle. Many have died, both from my hand and lack of the ability to protect them. Sleep evades me, as nightmares of the dead haunt my dreams.

Trust the U.N. they said, funny. U.N. was funded by the very bastards they where supposed to fight against. At the head, Russia and its communistic rhetoric. America which is to be at war with Russia, the second largest nation involved. Latest reports say that the U.S. government payed Russia to attack our soil, in hopes to wipe out large amounts of American born citizens. Scaring the rest into submission of the federal government. Instead, it split this country into many sectors. My sector 777A, has been hit the hardest from what I have been able to tell. A trusted location and military town, we should have had protection. It was one of the hardest hit bases in the first strike from Russia. Whats worse is the division of people. Of those that are left, you have to be very careful of who you talk to. Either they want to sell you out in hopes they do not get shipped of to camps. Or they try and kill you thinking your one of the U.N.

Crap, not enough time to continue. Fedbots, around the corner. Time to defend whats right. More next chance I have to breath.

 777A Chpter 2

Sector 777A

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