Tails of the Sickest Six

pasjrwoctx/ January 10, 2014/ Short Stories/ 0 comments

We where on the way back from a job. The details well you don’t want to know. Tired and ready for a break. We still had about 2hrs to go, the roads where covered in snow. Winter hit early this year. 6 people crammed into a 4 person car. After 36 hours on the road non stop, we had realized friends at this moment we no longer are. This last job we did, fell apart form the start. Not everyone could agree on how to pull it off, little lone even do it. But after years of working together, and age slowly catching up to us. We decided to pull off one more job. You know the “Big One” this job would put us in the history books, if done right. If not well then we would be known as the sickest six. Either way we somehow pulled it off. Or at least we thought we had.

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