Sector 777A chapter 2

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We had been battling the blaze, for what seemed months. When out of the blue, the rain came. A rain so strong, so steady and so fast. With in minuets the battle was over, smoke filled the valley. Roads turned to mud. Or fight was over for now. The fire, the great fire has met it’s match. Bowing down to the heavenly flow. Only a few ambers where left.

Our life saving and fire fighting efforts had been almost instantaneously turned into recovery mode…

I had Sector 45, the valley of eternal death. After two days finding mainly chard bodies, and remissness of what used to be. In a hot muddy pile of rubble. I herd faint cries for help.

A woman bent over her father, crying for help to get up. She was in shock he was still alive, but knew we would never make it. Herself severally burned but able to move. I pulled her to her feet, pointed her towards command and told her RUN RUN for help.

As she disappeared into the smoke, I knew I had no time to wait, command was 10miles away. I picked her father up told him hold on and I slung him across my shoulders. I ran like I never have before. No reason, other than this man I felt needed to live more than others. As I ran I talked to him, Only getting a faint squeeze out of him now and then. I promised him, if he stayed with me. God would end his pain and suffering. I told him how wonderful God was, the love he has for us. For ten miles, I ran hard I cried like a baby. Screaming for God to save this man. By the time I reached command, they where packing up. One box left waiting for this guy. I loaded him without time for another word, they drove off. I searched for his daughter for several hours only to find out. He had no daughter, and no woman was ever spotted or found.

For many years I wondered what became of that man I saved. I went to find him. Only to find out, he had died on the way to the burn unit. His last words recorded where directed to me. I never herd them until now. Run Philip Run, You Saved Me and Now I am with out pain……………………

When I tried to find out about them man, his name, anything really. I was told you wont believe this. But that man was you. God had come to teach you, just trust and run…….

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