Here is the final result of how I felt, and how I saw this man.

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Sitting alone in the dark, a rainy Texas night in October. Reflecting upon the day spent wandering Dallas. Looking for something, yet finding nothing. Pointing my camera around in hopes to capture something extraordinary. Left feeling creative with out cause. The rain hiding my tears of pain. The pain of my life and that life has brought to me. Seeking refuge in nooks, for a moment to refocus my eyes. Dodging cars, poodles and people. Wondering what am I doing, I came here to shoot. My camera protected as an infant child. Searching for the passion that brought me here in the rain. Reaching deep within myself, to not succeed but simply achieve one image that reflects my mood. One image that speaks on it’s own behalf. Only a few hundred photos taken today, far less than my normal. It was not the rain, not the pain no something was just off today. Lost seeking something to set me on top for just today. Hope all but fleeing me, then around the corner. I hear in a calm quite voice. “Man can you spare a smoke?” Funny, my bad habit brought me to my subject of the day. Standing in the pouring rain, battered by life. Forgotten by society, this man. This man asks again, if I could spare a smoke. I offer him two. I ask if I could talk for a moment about why he’s there. He says no. The man gazes upon my camera, asks are you a photographer? I say yes, and no. I asked, can I take your photograph? He stands against the wall, almost as if to pose for a mug shot. I began to back up, he said that’s enough. Take the photo. I did, we shook hands and thanked one another for the exchange. No names, no stories. Just simple, yet both tired and wet. Discarded by life we met by chance. Here is the final result of how I felt, and how I saw this man. JustAMan1

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